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    Case Study: Panama City Toyota Dealership

    Toyota Dealership Partners with Evolution Media Group to drive a 60% Lower Cost Per Customer Acquisition

    Bring on the Challenge

    A Panama City Toyota Dealership was experiencing low returns on their streaming advertising spend. They hired a new advertising agency in hopes to drive more traffic to both their website and dealership showroom. The new advertising agency immediately turned to Evolution Media Group to help maximize the performance of the advertising budget.

    Enter Evolution Media Group

    Evolution Media recommended a comprehensive campaign configuration with a reallocated budget to optimize the impact across channels and audiences. The Toyota dealership and its agency leveraged Evolution Media’s extensive data marketplace to create custom audience segments that would target viable consumers, including those who had not yet started actively shopping for cars. The media mix was updated to include streaming audio, expanding the delivery to a valuable audience. Evolution Media’s access to premium inventory guaranteed that the ads were running across the most viable channels.

    Campaign performance was measured using Evolution Media’s proprietary attribution technology. It tracked cross-device performance and connected both online and dealership traffic to actual campaign impressions. This allowed Toyota’s agency to accurately assess their campaign’s true impact across multiple devices and understand the value it was generating.

    The numbers say it all...

    The new campaign configuration delivered immediate results. Within 60 days of launching, the campaigns, Cost per Dealer Visit decreased by 60%, the LDI increased by 52% and the website monthly visits improved by 327%.


    Cost per Dealership Arrival


    Monthly dealership website visits


    Increase in Local Dealership Index


    Foot Traffic Ranking in Local Market

    Best Performing Inventory
    Best Performing Audiences

    The Results

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