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  • Streaming Direct Mail

    Supercharge your Direct Mail efforts by complimenting it with strategically targeted streaming advertising. Increase response rates by 30% with strong brand recall at the household level.

    No Budget Minimums

    Streaming Direct Mail Solutions

    Combine Streaming Advertising with Direct Mail Marketing

    Easy Campaign Setup

    Launch in less than 24 hours

    Credit One Bank 1 percent cash back rewards

    Step #1

    Provide Direct Mail List & Creative

    Provide Evolution Media with:

    • The Direct Mail list so it can be digitized into an audience.
    • One or many ads that meet our inventory partners creative requirements.

    Step #2

    Place Website Pixel

    Place our Smart Pixel on your website. The pixel will track visitors that come to your website.

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    Step #3

    Strategic Campaign Launch

    The campaign will launch just before the in-home date of the direct mail piece, creating a “surround sound” affect to the consumer. The campaign will be live just before, during, and after the in-home date.

    Step #4

    Measure Campaign Success

    Measure all Digital Interactions, including downstream actions like lead submissions or sales, including the unique ID of each successful conversion.

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