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    Streaming Advertising Solutions

    At Evolution Media, we offer a variety of streaming advertising solutions that can help you get the best results from your streaming ad campaigns. Whether you’re running CTV, audio, or digital out-of-home campaigns, our solutions will help fuel their success.

    Connected TV

    For CTV ad campaigns, we offer a number of effective marketing solutions that can enhance and optimize your advertising efforts.

    Retargeting is crucial to connect with audiences and move them along the consumer journey. With the help of Evolution Media’s CTV Smart Retargeting solution, you can easily retarget audiences across platforms.

    CTV Smart Retargeting reaches qualified audiences using relevant non-skippable ads. It also tracks attribution by capturing each lead or sale’s ID when attributable to CTV ads.

    We’ll get this solution working for you in three easy steps:

    If you have a direct mail campaign, you can optimize it further with Streaming Direct Mail in addition to our other streaming advertising solutions. Using this tool, you can combine streaming ads with direct mail marketing to build successful hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns.

    You can easily launch your campaigns by taking the following steps:

    Streaming Location Marketing is another one of our critical digital marketing solutions that can supercharge your CTV campaigns. This particular solution allows you to geo-target audiences who are most likely to convert to walk-in customers. Subsequently, you can maintain a competitive edge and turn prospects away from local competitors.

    The process of setting up your campaigns entails three basic steps:

    Mobile phone

    Streaming Audio

    Our selection of automotive marketing solutions also includes streaming audio tools. We provide our customers with everything they need to get the most from digital audio ads and combine them with other marketing efforts.

    Evolution Media makes it easy to combine your direct mail campaigns with streaming audio ads. Simply provide us with your audio ad creative, add the Smart Pixel to your website to track all visitors, and begin measuring the results. This marketing solution makes it easier than ever to harness the power of direct mail and audio advertising together, optimizing both campaigns.

    Make sure your ads reach the right local audiences with the help of our Streaming Location Marketing solution. This solution ensures your digital audio ads connect with audiences in proximity to your dealership and drive more walk-ins. At the same time, you’ll be taking attention away from local competitors by leveraging our effective streaming advertising solutions.

    Digital Out-of-Home

    To complement other digital advertising solutions, we offer digital out-of-home advertising tools that get your brand in front of audiences wherever they are. These campaigns consist of digital signage and other types of external display ads that connect with audiences whenever they’re out of the home, complementing streaming CTV and audio ads.

    If you would like to learn more about what our streaming advertising solutions can do for your brand, reach out to us today. You can also find out more about our products and capabilities and get started on your next campaign with us.

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