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    Custom Home Builder drives a 12x ROAS with CTV Smart Retargeting from Evolution Media

    “Evolution Media delivered strong performance on our CTV Retargeting program, which provided us with the confidence to grow our efforts in streaming. It’s been a fruitful partnership and we are always exploring ways to expand upon the enormous success we have enjoyed."

    — Michael Galperin,

    Marketing Director at Schumacher Homes


    Increase in streaming advertising investment


    Cost per acquisition for model home visit or web lead


    Increase in website leads


    Diversify media mix with new digital marketing

    Schumacher Homes, one of America’s leading custom homebuilders, was already experiencing plenty of success driving website activity and revenue. But, they were looking to diversify their media mix and wanted a more efficient way to spend their ad budget. They turned to Evolution Media Group to help them measure and maximize their advertising dollars.


    CTV Smart Retargeting + EvoAttribe - Physical Arrivals

    Evolution Media Group recommended that Schumaker Homes leverage CTV Smart Retargeting with omnichannel measurement for its ability to integrate television into a direct response ad strategy. Schumacher Homes would be able to target the customers who already visited their website with an extension of their brand messaging through a compelling CTV ad.

    The campaign ran across Hulu, Sling, Amazon and many other platforms and programmers. Leveraging their deep experience with connected TV inventory, Evolution Media Group isolated the pockets of channels that would deliver the best results.

    Evolution Media’s attribution technology tracked the users that saw the Connected TV ad and who then went on to complete a website lead or physically arrived to a showroom model home. With near-real time metrics, Evolution Media Group was able to immediately see what was working and optimize the campaigns to ensure maximum performance.

    The Results

    Shattered Expectations

    The Connected TV campaign shattered Schumacher’s expectations – so much so that they increased their media investment by 350% since the initial start. The cost per acquisition dropped by 56% amount and they experienced a 49% increase in website leads.

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