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    How Auto Dealers Are Using CTV To Sell More Cars

    If auto dealerships want to sell more cars, innovations in connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) advertising have made it easier than ever with highly engaging ads. If you’re unsure about how to increase auto sales, there are several ways a comprehensive CTV automotive advertising campaign may help. 

    OTT refers to the streaming services that people use, while CTVs are the devices that people use to connect to those streaming services. Together, these solutions can help you connect with audiences and drive more sales in the long term.

    To give you some ideas of how you can benefit from getting into the CTV advertising market, the following are some ways auto dealers use CTV to increase sales.

    Reach Engaged Target Audiences

    One of the biggest advantages of OTT automotive advertising is the ability to precisely target your audiences. When learning how to increase auto sales with CTV advertising, you’ll discover targeting tools that help you reach audiences who are most likely to buy from you.

    Depending on the type of
    CTV auto ad campaign you want to launch, you can target audiences based on various demographics and other factors. Through advanced automotive audience targeting, you’ll be able to target audiences according to location and with retargeting or competitive targeting, among other options.

    One of the added advantages of CTV is the ability to target in-market audiences, which includes those currently looking into automotive products and services and audiences who have recently visited a dealership. As a result, you’ll ensure that your ads get in front of people actively interested in your offerings.

    Additionally, you can target specific streaming categories, platforms, and device types to further optimize your efforts. With the right targeting, you’ll ensure your ads only reach people who are actively invested in the content of your ads.

    Deliver Effective Creative Ads

    While linear TV commercials are inflexible and require more commitment before launching them, OTT auto ads give you plenty of flexibility regarding the creative you use. On a whim, you can make instant changes to your ad creative based on changing needs without waiting for ads to finish running in your current campaign. As soon as you want to make adjustments, you can do so without anything holding you back.

    For example, you might run an ad with a promotion that’s no longer valid. In this case, you can quickly put together new
    CTV creative featuring the new promotion and remove the obsolete ad. You may also have changing inventory with ads featuring different vehicles that might not be for sale at some point. To keep these ads dynamic, you can connect them with your vehicle detail pages and ensure they change accordingly with your inventory.

    Another way engaging creative
    CTV automotive ads can help sell more cars is through shorter ads that grab people’s attention. Unlike TV commercial breaks, OTT ad breaks tend to only run for about a minute, with individual ads falling somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds. This forces you to get more creative with ad content while helping make sure people see your ads, as they’re less likely to leave the screen when they don’t have enough time. 

    Measure Success in Real Time

    Another key advantage of CTV auto advertising is the ability to effectively measure the success of your efforts. You can see the results of your ad campaigns in real-time with in-depth metrics and insights. These measurement capabilities are something you won’t find with conventional linear TV ad campaigns.

    You’ll be able to measure important metrics such as impressions, views, and click-through rates that help you determine how well your ads are performing. Based on the results, you’ll be able to decide on which ads to continue using and which to remove or change.

    Want to find out
    how to increase auto sales with these measurement tools? The right OTT automotive marketing solutions will also enable you to use CTV attribution to track how many sales come from your CTV ads. You can track people from the time they initially engage with your ads to the moment they set foot in your dealership. This tracking ability gives you a reliable way to see which ads are truly driving sales. 

    You’re not relegated to measuring online attribution with these tools, either. You can measure a combination of online and offline attribution to determine exactly how people are engaging with your brand and moving along the buyer’s journey. You can attribute everything from ad views to dealership visits to your CTV campaigns, and a household graph can give you insights into interactions with ads via CTV devices along with laptops, mobile devices, and other devices such as Amazon Alexa.

    Over time, with the right data and approach to optimization, you can perfect your CTV advertising campaigns. Subsequently, you’ll find that your efforts
    sell more cars and make your investments worthwhile.

    Broaden Reach in the Digital Space

    In recent years, people have begun to transition away from traditional TV to digital streaming services. While many people still watch linear TV in addition to streaming platforms on CTVs, a large number of people dedicate all viewing time to OTT services. Many of these digital-only audiences may be interested in buying your vehicles, but they may not know about your brand because they’re simply not seeing you.

    By launching a successful, hyper-targeted
    CTV automotive ad campaign, you can ensure your brand reaches more people online. Even if people already encounter your brand online, you’ll generate more awareness and recognition among audiences if you stay in front of them with OTT ads.

    To further connect with your audiences using
    OTT auto advertising, you can use CTV smart retargeting that retargets visitors to your website. This process works by placing a pixel on your website that begins tracking visitors. You can then reach them with targeted streaming ads and measure the success of your campaigns as you continue tracking.

    Discover How to Increase Auto Sales With Reliable CTV Advertising

    When looking for solutions to help you sell more cars and get the most from your marketing budget, consider investing in a comprehensive CTV automotive marketing strategy. With high-quality, well-targeted campaigns, you’ll be able to reach the right people at the right time.

    As you perfect your ad campaigns based on real-time measurements, you can supercharge your efforts to boost engagement and sales.

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