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    Audi Fletcher Jones: Case Study

    Audi Fletcher Jones Sees Dealership Walk-Ins Jump 20% Following Streaming Campaign Leveraging Evolution Media’s Automotive Industry Solution

    Audi Fletcher Jones, the #1 Audi store in Orange County, California, grew awareness of their dealership by reaching consumers in CTV and Audio, utilizing Evolution Media’s Automotive Audiences and Recommendations.

    "Evolution Media provided guidance on budget, audience targeting, Connected TV & Digital Audio allocation, and geo-targeting. After the conclusion of the 90 day pilot campaign, there was a noticeable difference in walk-ins to the store.”

    — Brandon Hale,

    General Manager at Audi Fletcher Jones


    Average Cost per Confirmed Auto Buyer


    *GMS iQ Increase


    Cost per Walk-in


    Increase Awareness of New Dealership Location

    Audi Fletcher Jones wanted to increase awareness of their new store location with the goal of generating lift in walk-ins to their new Costa Mesa, California location. They wanted to leverage the power of video and audio, but wanted to be more targeted than traditional TV and radio offers. The marketing team turned their sights to CTV and Digital Audio.


    EvoAttribute - Offline Sales & Physical Arrivals

    Audi Fletcher Jones turned to Evolution Media’s Automotive solution to maximize their efforts in streaming. Powered by years of optimized automotive streaming campaign data, including 50M+ tracked arrivals, Evolution provided tailored budget, audience, channel, and geo targeting recommendations, all designed to drive the most cost-effective foot-traffic to the dealership

    The marketing team chose to opt into all Evolution Automotive Audiences, which have been curated using dealership arrivals data from thousands of streaming campaigns. Audience data providers included IHS Markit Polk, Edmunds, V12, and Cars.com as well as visitors to competitive dealerships in the past 2 weeks.

    The streaming campaign delivered scaled reach across premium, first-party CTV and Digital Audio inventory from EvoSupply, Evolution Media’s streaming inventory solution. Top inventory partners included Hulu, Amazon, Samsung TV+, Pandora, and Spotify. All CTV impressions served exclusively on CTV devices and only between the hours of 6AM and midnight, with no overnight delivery.

    The Results

    Strong Lift in Walk-ins

    Using EvoAttribute, Evolution Media’s omnichannel attribution and measurement solution, Audi Fletcher Jones measured a significant increase of walk-ins to their new store location, seeing a 20% jump in their GMS iQ after 90 days from the campaign launch. Additionally, for every $1 spent, they reached a confirmed automotive buyer and for every $42 spent, drove an attributed walk-in to their store.

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