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    To help our clients get the best results from their digital advertising campaigns, Evolution Media allows access to multiple streaming advertising products to optimize them. Using these products, you can effectively develop and measure your ad campaign to drive long-term success for your brand.

    This omnichannel attribution and measurement tool provides you with the metrics and insights needed to perfect your ad strategies. You can use EvoAttribute to measure all physical arrivals, offline sales, and digital interactions and connect them to your digital advertising efforts.

    Using EvoAttribute in addition to our other marketing products, you’ll gain key insights such as:

    EvoAttribute uses deterministic attribution to help with analysis and optimization. Also known as 1:1 measurement, deterministic attribution ties conversions to single impressions, allowing for precise measurement of every attribute of your ad impressions.

    EvoAttribute powers our automotive advertising solution known as Geographic Market Share iQ, or GMS iQ. This solution tracks the foot-traffic market share that a single dealership receives based on attribution to EvoAttribute-enabled automotive ad campaigns. Using GMS iQ, you can determine how competitive individual dealerships are among their markets.

    GMS iQ and EvoAttribute indicate which walk-ins are connected to your streaming ads. Specifically, you’ll see which people came to your dealership after viewing your connected TV, digital out-of-home, or audio advertising campaigns.

    To maximize the accuracy of GMS iQ attribution, we remove all visitors with low or no value from reports, including anomaly visitors, employees, and non-sales dealer visits. Attribution also accounts for all external factors that could affect your campaigns, including local or macro conditions, inventory shortages, and seasonality.


    With the help of EvoTD and our other digital marketing products, you can hyper-target your audiences and gain access to premium ad inventory. EvoTD harnesses the power of industry-leading exchanges and platforms to help you supercharge all audio, CTV, and digital out-of-home campaigns.

    There are a few key features that make EvoTD invaluable for your strategies, including:

    Use a combination of first- and third-party data that enables you to connect with the right audiences at the right time. In the process, you’ll be able to get the most from your ad spend and optimize the efficiency of your campaigns

    Regardless of who you want to target and the platforms you want to use, EvoTD gives you the tools you need to optimize your strategy with hyper-targeting capabilities.

    Premium Inventory

    EvoTD also gives you access to premium ad inventory across platforms, including a range of CTV, DOOH, and audio streaming channels. In combination with our other digital advertising products, EvoTD helps curate premium inventory based on human attention and sources it from leading publishers and programmers.

    EvoSupply powers our streaming advertising products to provide you with premium ad inventory. We understand that not all streaming impressions are equal and that you need the best available inventory for your campaigns.

    You’ll benefit from a curated supply with inventory that gets and holds people’s attention to drive conversions. The method of curating inventory based on performance contributes to the top 2% of supply. Additionally, all of the contracts we obtain through EvoSupply are first-party deal IDs that we buy directly from publishers and programmers, allowing for consistently high quality across all inventory.

    Along with our other marketing products, EvoSupply is also easy to integrate into your advertising campaigns. You can get instant access to EvoSupply through EvoTD or supply contracts in your preferred DSP. Regardless of how you want to get started, we’re ready to help you get the best results from your streaming campaigns.

    Using all of our streaming advertising products combined with our innovative solutions, you’ll be able to take your ad campaigns to the next level. If you would like to learn more about our products and capabilities, get in touch with us today, and we’ll connect you with one of our experts.

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