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Transparanet and objective measurement solutions brought to streaming advertising

Omnichannel measurement for Streaming Advertising

Our turnkey measurement solutions correlates streaming ads with website interaction data and actual retailer foot traffic. Gain access to data driven insights that inform optimization strategies, improve customer ROI and drive dramatically increased conversions.

Types of Measurement

Gain Valuable Insights to make
Better Decisions

Gain transparency
and control

Connect data from disparate sources to creates a foundation of measurement that you can trust. We remove the guesswork and uncover new insights.

Deepen Customer Intelligence

Truly understanding your customer and the impact of your marketing initiatives allows you to better provide the right experiences to drive their path to purchase.

Prove Cross channel Impact

Connect various marketing touch points across online and offline channels to gain a holistic view of performance, increase efficiency, and drive desired outcomes.

Some of our Data Partners:

How we Measure

User Exposed to



User Visits your

How Advanced Measurement Impacts Advertising

We offer brands & their advertising agencies tools to make connections between streaming advertising campaigns and the resulting actions the target audience takes. With these actionable insights, we enable you to optimize campaign performance and budget allocation to maximize results. 

Audience Curation

Tap into Evolution Media's 3rd party consumer categories to build custom, highly qualified audience segments that will get your message effectively heard.

Inventory Optimization

Leverage Evolution Media's measurement tools to determine the inventory that is most likely to drive a desired business outcome.

Reports & Insights

Access detailed, near-real time analytics on campaign performance and uncover valuable insights to inform optimization strategies.


Our Applications What We Do

Industry Solutions

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What is Local Dealership Index (LDI?)
Local Dealership Index, or LDI for short, is a representation of the foot-traffic market share that a particular dealership received attributed to an Evolution Media Group enabled campaign
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