Measurement Specialists for Connected TV Advertising

Our omnichannel measurement solutions enable unmatched media efficiency in Connected TV/OTT and Digital Audio Ecosystems.

34 automotive brands supported across the United States

Our Connected TV campaigns are 11x more effective at driving dealership foot-traffic

Evolution Media partners with trusted automotive agency specialists to deliver best-in-class Connected TV and Digital Audio campaigns powered by offline and online deterministic measurement.


Cost per arrival attributed to CTV


Dealerships tracked


Dealership visits


Online leads


VDP visits


Website visits

Built Upon a Foundation of Measurement

With more than three years of CTV campaign data, every streaming channel, audience segment, and campaign configuration has been analyzed, regressed, and optimized to create unrivaled performance measured by dealership foot-traffic and website activity.
With our transparent and objective measurement solutions, we provide deeper insights into your audiences, increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, and grow your business.

Why You Should Work With Us

Efficient Media Placement

Superior targeting using curated inventory and audiences that ensures your campaign is reaching the right consumers.

Scale of Operations

Onboard & activate hundreds of streaming campaigns in 48 hours.

Reporting & Insights

Offline and online insights including market-share analysis powered by our advanced analytics suite.

Expertise Made Easy

Access and leverage world-class streaming expertise for all your campaigns.

Our Streaming Partners

Key Campaign Results

We partnered with their agency to develop a streaming campaign strategy that delivered powerful results.
A California Chevrolet Dealership was experiencing diminishing returns on their traditional TV & Radio campaigns.


Cost per Dealership Arrival in Sep 2020


Local Dealership index (% of foot Traffic)


Increase in Local Dealership Index


Foot Traffic Ranking in Local Market

Best Performing Inventory
Best Performing Audiences

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