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    Omnichannel Attribution & Measurement

    Measure Offline Sales, Physical Arrivals, and Digital Interactions attributed to CTV, Audio, and Digital Out-of-Home advertising. Access next generation reporting metrics and insights to inform ad optimization strategies.

    EvoAttribute platform



    Media Efficiency

    Superior Results

    “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”
    — Peter Drucker

    The branding power of TV, Radio, & Outdoor
    with the Analytics of Digital

    Have you ever wondered how your advertising impacts business outcomes such as visits to a car dealership? EvoAttribute closes the measurement gap and unlocks insights that create better performing campaigns.

    Marketing Efficiency

    Understand the total number of households reached that are in your target market.

    Return on Ad Spend

    Track conversions generated by your streaming advertising.

    Cost per Store Arrival

    See how efficiently your streaming drives physical visits to your retail location.

    Cost per Offline Purchase

    Track purchases made offline at supporting retailers.

    Performance by Creative

    Know how well each ad performs.

    Network Performance

    See which programmers and publishers perform best.

    Automotive Solutions Powered by EvoAttribute

    GMS iQ

    Deterministic, Omni-Channel
    Attribution & Measurement

    Deterministic attribution is a conversion tied to a single impression, otherwise known as 1:1 measurement. This determined relationship empowers unmatched optimization because every attribute of an ad impression can be analyzed and optimized with precision.

    Offline Sales

    UPC level data to calculate exact ROAS

    Physical Arrivals

    Log level data enables granular tracking

    Digital Interactions

    Capture details such unique order ID

    Powered by enterprise marketing, data,
    and technology companies

    How it Works

    The Household Graph

    A Household Graph establishes a mapping of every device connected to the internet within a household by leveraging data and technology such as IP address, dwell time, and Bluetooth. The graph maintains an account of all advertising interactions of all the devices in the household.

    Household Graph

    Amazon Alexa
    Mobile device

    Measure Streaming
    Advertising with Precision

    Utilizing the Household graph’s advertising interactions log, when any device from the
    household performs a prescribed action, it is attributed to the initiating streaming ad impression




    TV device with auto ad

    Electric Skoda ENYAQ iV SUV

    User consumes an ad impression on a CTV within the household.

    Household Graph

    Volvo ads

    The household logs the completed CTV impression, which is made aware to the other devices, including mobile phones.

    Dealership Walk-In

    A mobile phone from the household visits a car dealership, breaches a Geo-fence, and the walk-in is attributed to the original CTV ad.


    Don’t already have a trading desk or feel like going through the integration process? No problem, immediately gain access to EvoAttribute by utilizing EvoTD, the trade desk built for streaming advertising.


    Turnkey access with no integration or minimums required


    3rd party TD
    Integrate with your existing DSP and gain access to new insights

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