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    Automotive Analytics Featuring GMS iQ

    Measure walk-ins attributed to CTV, Audio, and Digital Out-of-Home advertising. Leading automotive marketers use EvoAttribute to track and optimize streaming campaigns.

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    Track and Optimize Streaming Campaigns

    Geographic Market Share iQ, or GMS iQ for short, is a representation of the foot-traffic market share that a particular dealership received attributed to an EvoAttribute enabled campaign. Simply stated, it is a measurement aimed to help a dealership understand how competitive the store is in its given market.

    How does GMS iQ work?

    Streaming Campaigns enabled with EvoAttribute not only track walk-ins to the supported dealership, but to all stores visited by any consumer who saw a streaming advertising ad. Given that all dealership walk-ins attributed to a campaign are tracked deterministically, we have created an index to measure each store’s allotment of walk-ins.

    How do you attribute a walk-in to a CTV impression?

    Utilizing the Household graph’s advertising interactions log (learn more about EvoAttribute), when any device from the household walks into a dealership, it is attributed to the streaming ad impression. The location data partner we utilize is the same company that powers location data for Uber, Amazon, and Apple, covering roughly 90% of the US cell phone market. Among other data points, they provide the location of all users who visit retail automotive locations associated to our tracking tags.

    TV device with auto adUser completes an ad impression on a CTV within the household.

    Household GraphThe household logs the completed CTV impression, which is made aware to the other devices, including mobile phones.

    DealershipA mobile phone from the household visits a car dealership, breaches a Geo-fence, and the impression is attributed to the original CTV ad impression

    How accurate is GMS iQ?

    Our location data is taken through a rigorous cleansing mechanism for employees, non-sales dealer visits, and anomaly visitors (those who show at the location for less than 5 minutes). All of these low or no value visitors are removed from the reports. You can be assured that any visits that do make it through these filters are of the precise nature of dealership walk-ins. GMS iQ is normalized for all economic, macro or local conditions as well as seasonality, inventory shortages, and other outside factors.

    Overview of GMS iQ related metrics
    and concepts

    All metrics and concepts are reported on a monthly basis.

    Targeted HouseholdsTotal number of households the streaming campaign reached.

    Total Walk-InsTotal number of households that visited a dealership attributed to the streaming campaign.

    Media EfficiencyTotal Walk-Ins divided by the total Targeted Households.

    LiftThe number of Total Walk-Ins attributed to the streaming campaign compared to traditional TV or Radio.

    Dealership Walk-InsThe number of walk-ins the dealership received attributed to the streaming campaign.

    Cost per Dealership Walk-InThe total budget divided by the number of Dealership Walk-Ins.

    Household FrequencyThe average number of times a household was exposed to a streaming ad.

    GMS iQ RankingThe ranking of the dealership’s GMS iQ compared to all other dealership’s tracked.

    Website VisitsThe website visits attributed to the streaming campaign.

    VDP VisitsThe VDP visits attributed to the streaming campaign.

    Online LeadsThe online leads attributed to the streaming campaign.

    Video Completion RateThe percentage of streaming ads (CTV and Audio) that were viewed to completion.

    Top 5 GMS iQ this MonthThe top 5 dealerships with highest GMS iQ’s ranked in descending order.

    Current Consumer Journey ConfigurationA visual representation of the allotment of Evolution Media audiences utilized by the campaign.

    What is a good GMS iQ?




    How do I measure GMS iQ for my

    To measure GMS iQ, your dealership campaign needs to be enabled with EvoAttribute, Evolution Media’s attribution & measurement solution for streaming advertising. Contact Evolution to explore options or we can refer an existing agency partner.

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