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  • Online Trading Academy: Case Study

    Integration of Connected TV with Direct Mail leads to a 26% lift

    Online Trading Academy
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    Lift in Direct Mail
    Response Rate


    Supplement Direct Mail with Connected TV

    Many of our clients were integrating digital marketing with their direct mail and seeing consistently positive results with paid social. This is a 1:1 integration of paid social with direct mail among known prospects. Our client, Online Trading Academy, asked if we could execute a similar tactic, but with streaming ads.


    Streaming Direct Mail

    Online Trading Academy turned to Evolution Media’s Streaming Direct Mail Solution to execute upon their vision. Once their household list was ramped and digitized, streaming ads began to run on premium content on platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Sling, Amazon Fire, Hulu, etc. The ads streamed on a precise schedule, which included before, during, and after the direct mail advertisment arrived to home.

    By placing the Smart Pixel on Online Trading Academy’s website, households that didn’t directly respond to the Direct Mail piece, but rather visited the website were tracked and attributed to the campaign.

    The Results

    Dramatic Lift in the Direct Mail Response Rate

    With Online Trading Academy, we found that direct mail plus paid social led to a 12% lift over direct mail only. And now in a recent test, we found layering on CTV is leading to a 26% lift – not only paying for itself but driving down the overall CPA versus the other two scenarios.

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