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  • CTV Smart Retargeting

    CTV Smart

    Retarget website visitors on Connected TV. Reach a highly qualified audience with non-skippable ads and capture the unique ID of each lead or sale attributed to CTV.

    No Budget Minimums

    Audience Solution



    Easy Campaign Setup

    Launch in less than 24 hours

    Step #1

    Provide Video Creative

    Provide Evolution Media with one or many video creative ads that meet our inventory partners creative requirements.

    Step #2

    Place Website Pixel

    Place the EvoTD Smart Pixel on your website. The pixel will:

    • Build the Smart Retargeting audience
    • Track visitors that come to your website

    Step #3

    Measure Campaign Success

    Measure all Digital Interactions, including downstream actions like lead submissions or sales, including the unique ID of each successful conversion.

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