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  • Connected TV Ad Retargeting

    Retarget website visitors on Connected TV. Reach a highly qualified audience with non-skippable ads and capture the unique ID of each lead or sale attributed to CTV.

    No Budget Minimums

    CTV Smart Retargeting Solution

    Retarget Site Visitors Using Connected TV

    Easy Campaign Setup

    Launch in less than 24 hours

    Step #1

    Provide Video Creative

    Provide Evolution Media with one or many video creative ads that meet our inventory partners creative requirements.

    Step #2

    Place Website Pixel

    Place the EvoTD Smart Pixel on your website. The pixel will:

    • Build the Smart Retargeting audience
    • Track visitors that come to your website
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    EvoAttribute platform

    Step #3

    Measure Campaign Success

    Measure all Digital Interactions, including downstream actions like lead submissions or sales, including the unique ID of each successful conversion.

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