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    Measurement-based Streaming Advertising

    Evolution Media Group helps marketers achieve superior results in their streaming advertising efforts by providing actionable insights through its suite of measurement-based products and services. We are constantly seeking to understand the true impact our solutions have on outcomes that matter to our customers. By doing so, we can effectuate actual lift and not just reach consumers who were going to convert anyway.


    Our goal with every single Evolution Media enabled campaign is for our customer to feel the impact of our advertising independent of what our advanced attribution and measurement solution may report.

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    Our Story

    Evolution Media Group was founded in 2015 by our CEO Brian Singleton. The company had an audacious goal to support direct response marketers achieve positive ROAS on a last click attribution model in programmatic display advertising. Every platform partner thought we were crazy, but we knew there would be great value if we could succeed. What followed was an exercise in breaking down each component of the ecosystem so that every bit of inefficiency could be exploited on the behalf of our customers. This included understanding the mechanics of the programmatic auction, path to supply optimization, audience composition, and much more. Despite the odds, the company was able to achieve its goal, which led to the management of tens of millions of DR digital ad spend.


    In 2017, the company decided to get ahead of the likely coming Connected TV wave and focused its experience and operations towards streaming advertising. Armed with advanced attribution and measurement solutions, Evolution quickly gained traction with agencies and brands that were amazed to acquire the same analytics available in digital, but with the branding power that TV offers. Today, Evolution Media offers products and solutions that are utilized by a variety agencies and brands, ranging from local car dealerships to international CPG brands.

    Case Studies Library

    Niagara Water Boosts In-Store Visits and Purchases

    Audi Fletcher Jones exterior building

    Audi Fletcher Jones Sees Dealership Walk-Ins Jump 20%

    Integration of CTV with Direct Mail leads to a 26% lift


    Custom Home Builder drives a 12x ROAS with CTV Retargeting

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