Case Study: Chevrolet dealership

How a Chevrolet Dealership gains significant foot traffic with Connected TV campaigns

Bring on the Challenge

A California Chevrolet dealership was experiencing diminishing returns on their traditional TV and Radio campaigns. What they didn’t know at the time was that because of cord-cutting, they were reaching 37% fewer households compared to just two years earlier. Without any reliable way to measure their advertising success, they were running blind. They needed to a way to measure and the impact of their advertising spend and deliver powerful results.

Enter Evolution Media Group

Evolution Media Group partnered with the dealership’s advertising agency and developed a streaming advertising strategy to offset the inefficiency in their traditional marketing. Leveraging its extensive data, Evolution Media Group created a store profile that directly informed the campaign strategy.  The Chevrolet dealership launched a comprehensive omni-channel campaign across CTV, Digital Audio and Programmatic Display Media. Accessing  audience data from over 250k 3rd party segments and 1st party data, the campaign targeted high-value consumers in all stages of the automotive buying journey.

Evolution Media’s advanced measurement solutions enabled near real-time campaign analysis across all devices. Physical dealership arrivals (including local competitive stores) were tracked and connected at the impression level to deliver insight into what was working.  That analysis data was used to optimize every component of the campaign – data segment, inventory contact and frequency.

The numbers say it all...

The Chevrolet dealership’s streaming campaigns captured customers attention and drove a dramatic increase in dealership visits. Their investment in streaming advertising immediatly produced impactful results that they could see. Despite the hurdle of COVID-19, the store almost doubled their Local Dealership Index (a measure of market share) and now consistently ranks as a top 3 most visited dealership in their region.


Cost per Dealership Arrival in Sep 2020


Local Dealership index (% of foot Traffic)


Increase in Local Dealership Index


Foot Traffic Ranking in Local Market

Best Performing Inventory
Best Performing Audiences

The Results

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