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    Streaming Advertising
    that sells cars

    Stand on the learnings, optimizations, and best practices based on 50M+ attributed dealership walk-ins. Our comprehensive automotive solution makes it easy to jump into CTV, Audio, and DOOH and measure results with confidence.

    No Budget Minimums

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    Automotive TV Advertising: Connected TV & OTT

    Nearly 1 in 3 households walk into dealership every month after seeing
    or hearing an Evolution Media automotive campaign.

    1000’s of


    Dealer Walk-Ins




    Average Cost per Confirmed Auto Buyer


    More effective at driving Walk-Ins


    Average Cost per
    Website Visit

    Refined Audience

    Premium Supply

    Optimal Configuration

    Dealrship Walk-Ins & Online Leads data EvoAttribute

    Refined Audience Strategy

    Part 1 – Audience Curation
    Using dealership walk-in data, we distill the automotive audiences that ACTUALLY drive foot traffic out of the tens of thousands that are commercially available.

    Part 2 – Mapping Consumer Journey
    EvoAttribute also enables us to identify the recency of a dealership visit in relation to the first time the user was exposed to an ad. Thousands of campaigns demonstrate the optimal audience mix to mirror the consumer journey of a user to purchase a vehicle.






    Active Buyer

    Car Purchase


    Streaming Inventory

    Access CTV, Audio, and DOOH inventory that is vetted for performance and curated directly from programmers and publishers.

    Premium Streaming Advertising Inventory
    EvoSupply Streaming Advertising

    Campaign Configuration

    Each campaign is tuned to an ideal set of configurations informed by millions of dealership visitation data points.

    • Audience Allocation
    • Channel Allocation
    • Budget
    • Geotargeting
    • Reach and Frequency
    • Time of Day
    • Device
    • Ad pod selection

    Track Dealership Walk-Ins,
    Online Leads, & More

    Powered by EvoAttribute, gain invaluable insights into foot traffic patterns, market share
    analysis, media efficiency, and web metrics to determine campaign efficacy.

    GMS iQ

    Dealership Level Recommendations

    Get data-driven recommendations tailored to each dealership for optimal performance, defined by dealership walk-ins and online leads.

    Recommendations consider the number of streaming households in the local area, manufacturer, total units sold, population details and past performance of thousands of dealership streaming campaigns.

    100% Delivery Guarantee

    100% Delivery Guarantee

    Campaign Recommendations


    Each dealership has a different optimal budget to maximize performance

    Audience Allocation

    Pre-Market, In-Market, Conquest, and Reinforcement all come together to create an optimal consumer journey

    Inventory Allocation

    CTV, Audio, and DOOH all have different impacts on maximizing dealership performance


    Ensure you are encompassing the correct physical footprint

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